Sunday, March 29, 2009

Map the Soul!!!!!!!!

oh, goody!Epik High, my favorite Korean music group is finally out with a new album Map the Soul. Apparently, it has a English version and a Korean version but the MV was so freakin cool I can't even describe how cool it was(yes, IT WAS THAT COOL). So anyways, heres the lyrics and the links and stuff.

english Map the Soul

Map the Soul Korean version with all da romanization and lyrics

Epik High's lyrics are really deep so I need a moment to comteplate the connections between the lyrics and the MV and in the meanwhile, y'all can knock yourselves out over their new song!


  1. Wow, that is one odd, confusing (yet also awesome), and eccentric video/song. But I kind of liked it. That was cool. But you're right--it does need time to sink into your head. Maybe a lot of time, in my case. :)

  2. i want it korean lyrics...

  3. I need Korean Lyrics too!